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The Invader

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Rapid response armor system that can be used in 3 different configurations: shield, vest and backpack protection. The Invader is perfect for keeping under your bed, car seat or in your office. Be prepared if you find yourself in any kind of active shooter situation.

A laser cut MOLLE attachment field is located on the front for attaching  pockets or holsters.

The front of the vest features a Velcro field for attaching morale patches or Integral Armor's own placards for identifying one's self in an active shooter situation.

VEST: The Invader can be easily donned in less than 5 seconds. In vest mode, it can be worn over the clothes, or underneath, allowing for a concealed look.

SHIELD: Both panels easily attach together to form a holdable shield. Perfect for facing front on threats or protecting others.

BACKPACK: The front and back panels are easily separable and can be used as a backpack shield. Or, while in vest mode, cinch the waist strap down to compress the vest flat and use both panels for added protection.

Front Panel: 16" x 11"

Rear Panel:  17" x 11"








The Defense

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A traditional concealable soft armor vest that includes side wing protection. This can be worn over or under clothing. A vest comparable to what police officers in the U.S. wear.

Weight: ~5 lbs depending on size.

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