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The OneVest Military System

Integral Armor brings to law enforcement and tactical professionals a fully integrated and scalable vest system. Vests are fully customizable and tailored to each individual's needs.

Mil- One Vest- No Overlay-Front.jpg

The Base Layer

A top quality concealable vest that can be worn under the uniform. Cool moisture wicking body side, fully adjustable strap system, and a comfortable low profile yoke make this one of the best performing concealables on the market. Soft armor options available in NIJ 06 certified Level II and IIIA. Hard armor plates are also available and acceptable in this vest.

Mission Overlays

Mil- One Vest- Overlay- Front.jpg

Instantly converts the base layer to overt vest applications. Select one or more overlays for different missions. Overlays can be custom configured to your department's requirements.

Options include:  Uniform Shirt,
Laser Cut MOLLE(Trilogrid), Hybrid Shirt/MOLLE, or create your own
with fixed pockets, fully integrated ID, and a wide range of various pouches and useful features.

Scalable Protection

The base layer vest can scale from an ultra light soft armor concealable to full tactical vest. Hard armor plates and soft armor protective additions are available for shoulders, biceps and groin protection.

Mil- One Vest- Overlay and Accessories-

Low Profile Plate Carrier

The Low visibility plate carrier can be used covertly under the uniform or as light weight vest overt plate carrier. Trilogrid unique laser MOLLE cut system is more stable, stronger and easier to assemble.

Quick Release Plate Carrier

The Modular tactical plate carrier offers a single pull quick release system. Optional buckles for TAP (Tactical Accessory Platforms), Trilogrid MOLLE and covered shoulder buckles. 3D Spacer mesh on the body side for comfort.

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